The “Ear Pillow”…a pillow in a pillow

If you have spent any time at all sleeping on your side, you are well aware of the pain you can experience by having the weight of your head pushing down on your ear all night.

My Butterfly Pillow® has an “Ear Pillow” built in to eliminate this issue.

The Ear Pillow is made from a 30% softer foam and has been cut into small cubes that move independently. A combination of the softer foam, and the adjusting cubes, ensures that there is no single point of pressure on your ear and waking up with a sore ear is a thing of the past.

The “Shoulder Bay”…put your shoulder in it!

When your shoulder impacts an ordinary pillow, the dynamics of the pillow changes and you find yourself folding the pillow trying to get it to support your head.

With My Butterfly Pillow® the shoulder is removed from the equation.

The Shoulder Bay allows your shoulder to now connect with the pillow without causing any type of impact on the shape of the pillow, keeping your head & neck aligned properly.

The “Riser”…without this, it’s just a pillow!

This is the “Key Element” to My Butterfly Pillow®. Our “Riser” is designed with custom blended foam that does not compress as much as the foam in the main pillow.

Each person’s head weighs about the same, and this weight will compress your pillow around 1 ½ inches to 2 inches. Our Riser compensates for this compression by keeping the pillow at the optimum height to help your head and neck stay properly aligned.

The Riser is also molded in the shape of an “A”, allowing your arm to naturally fold under the pillow without changing the elevation.

We recently made the Riser removable. By doing this, we give the user the ability to adjust the height of the pillow for a true custom fit.

Night Owl Speakers…sound for side sleepers!

Now you can listen to white noise or your favorite music to help you fall asleep. As a true Side-Sleeper wearing headphones has not been an option for you.

We have built the speakers right into the pillow, allowing crisp clean sound that will not disturb your sleeping partner.

Note: Never use any sound device with My Butterfly Pillow® while the sound device is plugged into an electrical outlet. A risk of injury or death could occur if your device malfunctions while you are asleep. See your sound device’s manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Motion Grid…we move with you!

Each My Butterfly® pillow has over sixty-two vertical shafts. These vertical shafts at first glance would appear to be for ventilation.

The actual purpose of these shafts is to divide the pillow into smaller sections that have the ability to move semi-independently. This provides you with a pillow that moves the way you do.

Without these shafts, the pillow would be one solid mass and any movement would affect the entire pillow.