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Safety First: Never use the enclosed Bluetooth receiver while it is connected to a charging device (for that matter you should never use any device while it is connected to a charging unit).

The charging cable or the charging brick you attach to the Bluetooth receiver could malfunction and send a surge of power to the Bluetooth receiver.

The Bluetooth receiver we supply with your pillow only has a very small battery inside, however a power surge could cause a multitude of issues such as killing the Bluetooth receiver or worse, case causing a fire.


Note: My Butterfly Pillow is able to provide the most head and neck support of any pillow on the market because we have blended our foam to a specified firmness.

You as a side sleeper have been told that the super soft pillow will work just fine for you. As you have discovered, these super soft pillows are useless. You end up using your hand or arm as a jack for elevation of your head, or you wad/stack pillows in an attempt to get your head and neck back in alignment.

My Butterfly Pillow will be unlike any pillow you have slept on. It will take you a couple of nights to get use to the new feel.

Tip #1: Keep your pillow away from the headboard.

My Butterfly Pillow is built around movement. The pillow will move in different directions depending on where you head is located.

If the pillow is pressed up against the headboard, it cannot move in that direction and will make the pillow feel hard.

When this happens, we call it "Bricking The Pillow".

To acomplish this, your can place a smaller pillow between your headboard and My Butterfly Pillow. If you do not have a smaller pillow, simply roll a towel up between your headboard and My Butterfly Pillow.

Tip #2: Use the Bluetooth speakers.

When we demonstrate our pillow to people who do not have Tinnitus, they cannot understand why you would want speakers in a pillow.

We explain that you can listen to books, music or even watch television without disturbing your sleeping partner.

By using the speakers you give your mind a distraction and you are no longer focusing on things you forgot to do today, or things you have to do tomorrow…or a distraction from a pain you may have.

Once they use the speakers we hear back that we were right and now they do not sleep without something playing through the speakers at night.

Tip #3: Find your happy spot.

When you get My Butterfly Pillow, you may have to work a little to find what we call your "Happy Spot". You may find that your mattress has a little wallowed out spot which will let you sink down in the bed and will make your pillow feel too high. If this is the case, move your pillow to the foot of the bed and try it there...if it feels good there it may be time to flip or rotate your mattress.

Move your pillow around the bed to find the best location. You will also find that moving your head around on the pillow will also help you to find your Happy Spot.

Tip #4: Adjust the pillow height

The bottom part of the pillow (we call the Riser) is removable. Since we could not calculate the deflection of the user's mattress, we made the pillow height adjustable with a removable section.

If you think your pillow feels too high, simply remove the Riser on the bottom. The Riser is attached with Velcro, and there is an instruction sheet in the pillow bag as well as a video on the website.

Tip #5: Relax

The key to a great night's sleep is just to let your body relax. We have designed My Butterfly Pillow to give your head and neck maximum support and there is no need to sleep tensed up.

Tip #6: Do not use your arm or hand as a "jack"

With your old pillow, you more than likely used your hand or your arm as a jack, in an attempt to get your head and neck back to a parallel state after your head sank into that super-soft fluffy pillow you bought off the television.

With My Butterfly Pillow, we have already calculated the deflection from the weight of your head, and the design of the pillow will put you back to that parallel state without you having to do anything.

Medical Disclaimer

My Butterfly Pillow makes no claims either expressed or implied that any product we sell will diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or any medical condition. It is the responsibility of each user to evaluate My Butterfly Pillow and decide if it is suitable for their requirements. The use of this pillow is in no way a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional for any sleep or no-sleep related issue.

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