89% of Tinnitus sufferers who use our pillow have found some level of nighttime relief

My Butterfly Pillow® was invented with tinnitus in mind. My wife, Kimberly, suffers 50% hearing loss and tinnitus. Her need to have the TV or something on in the background would keep me awake. So when I was going through the various prototypes, I cut out a section of the pillow and put speakers in there for her.  Suddenly, that idea took on a life of its own, and now we can help tinnitus sufferers across the country! ~ Jim

Our independent in-house studies have shown that 89% of Tinnitus sufferers who use our pillow have been able to find a level of nighttime relief. This is accomplished by using a commercial based Tinnitus app (selected by the user or prescribed by an Audiologist) in conjunction with the built-in Bluetooth speakers in My Butterfly Pillow®.

This sound diversion allows the user to direct their focus to the sound produced through the speakers in My Butterfly Pillow®, providing relief and management of symptoms.​ Unlike an external sound device, My Butterfly Pillow® allows the user to listen to a desired sound without disturbing their sleeping partner.

*All studies were conducted by non-medical personnel based on feedback from My Butterfly Pillow® customers who suffer from Tinnitus.. My Butterfly Pillow® makes no claims either expressed or implied that any product we sell will diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or any medical condition. It is the responsibility of each user to evaluate My Butterfly Pillow® and decide if it is suitable for their requirements. The use of this pillow is in no way a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional for any sleep or no-sleep related issue.