My Butterfly Pillow Is Now Height Adjustable!

Does This Sound Like Your Night?

You start your night by either stacking multiple pillows, or wadding up your pillow and use your hands and arms trying to get the pillow to a comfortable height.

Once the pillow has been adjusted everything is great until you move or roll over and the readjusting of the pillow begins again.

You tend to place your down arm under the pillow which eventually results in your arm starting to tingle due to the pressure of the pillow on it.

Your ear is uncomfortable or it is painful due to the pressure of your head pushing on it all night.


Let Technology Fix Your Sleep Issues

When you use My Butterfly Pillow® you will not have to stack or wad your pillows to try and get a comfortable height. The pillow has been adjusted to compensate for the initial compression from your head when you lie down on it.

You will not have to spend any time readjusting the pillow when you roll over. We have made the pillow exactly the same on the left and right side…all you do is roll over and go back to sleep.

Our pillow has a void underneath designed to allow your arm free movement without pressure, eliminating arm tingles.

You won’t wake up with a burning sensation on your ear, because My Butterfly Pillow® has a second pillow embedded in the main body that moves with you, so your ear never takes a single point of pressure.

These are just a few of the issues we have addressed with My Butterfly Pillow® to provide you with the best nights sleep you have had in many nights.

The ultimate feature is the Bluetooth speakers built directly in the pillow, allowing you to listen to books, white noise even television, without disturbing your sleeping partner and without having to wear uncomfortable headphones or ear buds.

Take a look at our videos and the pillow tour.

Don’t forget…we have a 30 day “Comfort Guarantee“. If it is not the pillow for you, simply return it for a full refund…no questions asked.

“What Would You Pay For A Great Nights Sleep?”