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Posted By: Michael
So far my experience with this pillow has been amazing. I purchased this only a couple of days ago and have already noted sleeping more comfortably and without neck and shoulder discomfort the following morning.
The Bluetooth setup along with ability to lay on your side comfortably has had the added benefit of helping me with my hearing since I am deaf. The Bluetooth setup works well with my phonak hearing aids. So I can also listen to the television while laying in bed.
The biggest benefit is aiding me in hearing more without the sound around me being completely muffled by the pillow. This is more of a safety benefit for myself since I live alone. Hopefully I can respond back after a longer experience with this pillow with as positive feedback.

MBP Reply: We appreciate you taking the time to write and let us know the pillow worked for you. Hopefully the pillow will only get better with time...and as always, if you need anything, we are just a quick phone call away.

Posted By: Jerry
We purchased 2 of your pillows at the NE Atlanta home show in Duluth Ga. We are both using and after a couple of days of getting used to the pillow we are happy with the product. We both did end up removing the foam piece underneath which allowed for your arm to rest comfortably under the pillow because the height of the pillow ended up causing us neck discomfort. Although we miss the feature, once removed we were both much more pleased with the product.

Unfortunately, one of the detachable Bluetooth receivers got wedged underneath our sleepnumber bed one morning when we were lowering it back into the flat position. I would like to purchase a replacement for that piece but don’t see it as an option on your website so I’m hoping you can sell me just this piece so we can use the speaker function on that pillow again.

MBP Reply: Thank you! Unfortunately, the only thing we could not calculate when building the pillow was the deflection of the user's bed. And for that reason, we made the bottom Riser detachable so we could compensate for any "Sinking" by the sleeper in their mattress. We also will be sending you a Bluetooth unit at no charge.

Posted By: Joe
Purchased this pillow Friday 1 March. I was skeptical at first, but after laying on the pillow, I thought ,what the #$%^ I'll try this. I have acute tinnitus, and usually use a white noise machine, but my wife can't stand when I do use it, so we sleep separately. the first night I loved it. I'm a side sleeper and at first it was a task to roll over and place my head in the center to hear, but no longer a issue. It has enabled me to sleep through the night and would recommend this for all. My wife has tried it without the sound and likes it. Buy and use this pillow. Joe from Jacksonville Fl.

MBP Reply: Thank you for taking the time to let us know that it worked for you.

Posted By: Suzanne
I bought a mybutterfly pillow at the Gwinnett home show a couple of weeks ago. I had been sleeping on a pillow I really liked but boy I LOVE the my butterfly pillow. And I don't even use the Bluetooth option! It is the right height and the cut out is perfect. There is less pressure on my shoulders also.I don't usually write reviews however I want to let you know about my experience. THANK YOU! Suzanne.

MBP Reply: It really does make us happy when we can chage the way someone sleeps!

Posted By: Olivia
I shared this on my FB and autism support group this pillow has changed my sleeping and now my kids! Thankyou!!!

Hey fellow autism mommies and parents so I am not I repeat not selling anything nor get anything from sharing this but this past December I bought myself something called the butterfly pillow it’s a orthopedic pillow that you can listen to music white noise whatever from via a Bluetooth built into this soft supportive pillow.

The pillow alone is amazing but the sound component... so I’d bought two one for me one for spouse but he didn’t like it personally but cause I loved the pillow so much I kept both and gave the second to my son w autism who loved he could hear rain through my pillow.

He loves the pillow and can’t wait now to get into bed and hear the rain sounds I Bluetooth through the speakers. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. I wanted to share as it’s made bedtime so much easier for my kid! It’s a big pillow so I’d say maybe 7 and up as it is an orthopedic pillow perfect for side sleepers. They’re based out of cartersville GA. #mybutterflypillow

MBP Reply: Something we had never thought of.

Posted By: Christina
I’m a side and stomach sleeper, and I have tried what seems like a 100 different pillows to get the best night’s sleep, and nothing worked.

I woke up every morning with extreme stiffness, and pain, in my neck and shoulders. Getting out of bed, and finding the motivation to get anything done was a daily struggle.

Then I met Kimberly, and she told me about a pillow designed for side sleepers, and how it could help. My mother got one and has raved about it. So, I took the plunge and got one. Upon receiving it, it was suggested I give it a few days before reviewing it, but after just one night, I woke up with absolutely no pain or stiffness in my neck or shoulders.

I woke up feeling great. I woke up feeling like I had slept for days. For the first time in, well years probably, I woke up ready to get things done, and didn’t feel like my body was lagging behind me. I most definitely look forward to going to bed every night, and feeling great when I wake up. My Butterfly Pillow is absolutely worth the investment.

MBP Reply: We are amazed when someone gets relief on the first night. Even though I created the pillow, it took me three nights to get comfortable (mostly due to my age :) )

Posted By: Janet and Mike
Thank you to you and your wife for taking so much time at the Atlanta home show this weekend to explain your pillow.

That night when we got home my husband took a nap using the pillow he bought for me and now it seems to have found a new home in his truck.

I tried to get him to buy one at the show, so now it looks like I will have to order another online.

I guess one day he will listen to me.

MBP Reply: That happens more than you think.

Posted By: William
I have had tinnitus for 4 years now and it didn't bother me when it was time to sleep. 2 weeks ago the frequency changed and it would not let me sleep. I found this pillow online which was a sound pillow for side sleepers. Since having this pillow, I have been able to sleep with the speakers bluetoothed to my phone playing pink noise. Also it is very comfortable and nice that I don't have to fold a pillow to try and go to sleep.

MBP Reply: We appreciate you letting everyone know that the pillow worked for your Tinnitus...Thanks!

Posted By: Johnny
I needed a new good pillow, so I checked out the website and read the reviews.

They looked very comfortable, and the bluetooth speaker hookup seemed like a plus. I talked to Jim, and he informed me about the features of the pillow. I was sold.

I brought the pillow home and tried it for 2 days. It was very comfortable. I could sleep on my side, and the pillow didn't bunch around my mouth where I couldn't breathe. Also, I had a place to wrap my arm under the corner of the pillow to sleep on.

I haven't hooked up the bluetooth speakers yet, so I can't vouch for their function. I bought the pillow for comfort, and it delivers.

However, I made one mistake. I let my wife sleep on it. She loved it, so I had to buy another one for ME.

I might mention that the packaging of the pillow is super. You get a plastic, zippered bag that holds your pillow, riser, bluetooth items, extra pillow case, directions, etc. Everything fits in a tidy well designed arrangement.

MBP Reply: You are not the only person which has lost a pillow to a spouse. It was great that you and your wife live colse enough to drop by the warehouse. It was great meeting you both.

Posted By: Shellina
I wanted to update that my family is on the 4th and 3rd year using our pillows and we STILL adore them! We had tried so many other foam type pillows and we could not dream that yours would be that different.

It seriously is and there has been no discoloration, deflation and the speakers are my favorite.

I watch movies on my Kindle as my husband sleeps and it's no longer a bother for him.

Just wanted to give more details for anyone considering this pillow. I waited a year and let my mother in law tet it. By the end of the year she was happy and I was miserable. I'd spent over $100 on three different pillows at discount stores, yard sales and online and none worked!

Next year the home show came and I was a beeline to their booth and have been happy ever since.

MBP Reply: We are so glad that we could make this type of change in your life. And, we hope you have many more night's of great sleep!

Posted By: Alyssa
I have had my pillow for a little over two and a half weeks now and I am in love. I was in love from the very first night I used it. I haven't had the need to wake up in the middle of the night and adjust my two pillow contraption. I wake up refreshed with no stiff or sore neck. My chiropractor even noticed how my adjustments were holding longer.

MBP Reply: Yes!!!!

Posted By: Robert
I bought the pillow yesterday because i could barely turn my head due to a painful kink in my neck. I slept on the pillow last night and literally didn’t wake up until this morning (first time in a long while). The kink is already gone and I can turn my head to the left! I’m hoping for more range of motion and will post an update if all goes well.

MBP Reply: We are so glad the pillow changed the way you sleep. Thank you for taking the time to review the product!

Posted By: Greta
I like the pillow it helps my neck but after 7 days I noticed it started to break up in several places. I am afraid it will not last long. The material quality does not justify the cost.

MBP Reply: 9/20/2018 Our supplier has a short run of about 50 pillow that were formed incorrectly. An email was sent to customer with information about replacement.
9/21/2018 Replacement pillow shipped to customer.

Posted By: Nancy
Well here we go, my hubby told me to try his Butterfly Pillow and like a good wifely I did, only problem I felt a little closed in but was willing to try again. A couple months later I agreed and it was a lot better than the other, it has a larger opening for my head to move and I love it. I have been sleeping on a firm pillow that the Chiropractor recommended for me. WHAT A DIFFERENCE Thank you my butterfly

MBP Reply: Glad you gave it a second try and it worked for you!

Posted By: Gene
I have had my pillow for 6 months now and love it! I normally sleep on my back and sometime have the tendency to snore which drives my wife crazy, with my butterfly pillow I stay on my side and do not roll over I think it is because of how comfortable the pillow is. I recommend my butterfly pillow to all my friends.

MBP Reply: Thank you for your feedback.

Posted By: Kevin
My daughter bought me a My Butterfly Pillow for Father's day, she thought that it would be beneficial for me due to having tinnutis and shoulder/back issues from my years of being in the military (still active duty). I wasn't sure if it would work since I wear a CPAP at night. I have to say that this pillow is great, it does not pose a problem with my CPAP at night. It did take me a few days to get use to it, but now I have no issues and sleep with it every night. I highly recommend this pillow

MBP Reply: Good to hear from a CPAP user. The pillow was designed with CPAP users in mind.

Posted By: Trevor
Holy Crap! I actually slept all night without waking up to readjust my pillow. This was well worth the money.

Posted By: Robin
I seriously can't believe one pillow can make such a huge difference! After suffering a fall and massive concussion a few years ago, I would CONSTANTLY wake up with headaches at the base of my skull. I just thought that was something I'd have to deal with. Though I do tend to start off my sleep on my back, I always end up on my side with a stiff neck in the morning. I've had this pillow for a week and I've never slept so good! I wake up completely refreshed, pain free, and frankly I wake up earlier because the quality of sleep I'm getting is so much better. I love the "Calm" app to fall asleep to so I love that I can listen to it through my pillow without disturbing my partner or my dog!

Posted By: Haley
I LOVE my butterfly pillow!! My original intention was to try it for a couple of days, then let my husband try it and buy one for him. Unfortunately for him, I couldn't sleep without it a night, so it's time to buy one for him next.This weekend we just went camping (which I LOVE), but I cannot TELL you how HAPPY I was to get back to my butterfly pillow last night!As a side sleeper, this pillow is so much more comfortable, and also a "night-thinker", having the calming music playing really helps me fall asleep. Thank you for putting your love and passion into this product- it is truly a blessing!

Posted By: David
Well it turns out I am more of a back sleeper than a side sleeper. They told me that it would not be good for back sleeping. The return process was really painless and the refund was fast. Sorry that it did not work out.

Posted By: Andrea H.
I have sever carpal tunnel in which it made my whole arms and shoulders go numb and throb with pain when I laid down at night. I would wake up and toss and turn all night in pain. Im a side sleeper and my pain was worse bc of that. This pillow had lessened my pain tremendously!! Im able to stay asleep all night bc it supports my neck and spine and no nerves are being pinched!! I would reccomend this pillow to evryone!! Even if you do not have carpal tunnel or pain. Over time...our bodies are worn down due to not sleeping with good pillows.

Posted By: Mike
I bought your pillow at the Raleigh Home Show and it was so wonderful my wife stole it and I had to buy another! Well worth the money! Thank you!

Posted By: Andrea B.
Just was not what I was looking for. Did no care for the firmness of the pillow. The cocept is great, but it did not work for me. I am still looking.

Posted By: Jimmie
I am by no means a product shill, but if you're a side-sleeper, have sleep apnea issues, or are simply tired of crappy sleep on a crappy pillow, you should check this out.I've had the pillow for three months (I think. Could be a bit shorter). It is, by miles, the best pillow I've ever used. It took me a few days -- roughly a week -- to really get comfortable with it, but even those few days weren't bad sleep days.The real killer part of the pillow are the speakers set right into a little section where your ear would go. This is a genius idea. The speakers are loud enough for you to hear them well but not so loud that they'll disturb anyone else in bed with you. You get a cool little Bluetooth transmitter with the pillow so you can connect to your phone or tablet or whatever or you can just plug right in. The pillow has a little pocket in the case into which you can slide your phone or mp3 player if you don't want to use the Bluetooth. You'll get a couple solid nights out of one charge-up, so keep that in mind.I prefer to listen to a classical music radio station over the internet to go to sleep, but you could catch something on Netflix on your tablet, use your favorite meditation app, or listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook. It's your choice. For folks like me who need something other than the sounds of a quiet house at night possibly inhabited by aliens who are coming to abduct me, this puts the pillow way the heck over the top.I warn you, this little gem is pricier even than some of the premium pillows on the market, but I think the cost is worth it. My Butterfly Pillow rocks. Do check it out ASAP.

Posted By: Marijane
the butterfly pillow not only helps with my upper back pain- I don't toss and turn nearly as much. Love that's it's so soft and yet firm at the same time. Frank stole it the other day to try it- he was having neck pain. After 2 days he has full range of movement back. We will be getting a second one as soon as we can. Thank you guys so much.

Posted By: Cindy
I LOVE my Butterfly Pillow! I suffer from Tinnitus at night and have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I've consistently had restful 8 hour sleeping since I got my butterfly pillow 3 weeks ago. I love that I can stream a tinnitus relief app from my Android phone to my pillow. And my husband doesn't hear it all so it doesn't keep him awake! The pillowcase is so soft and the design is great on my arm and shoulder, I don't wake up with tingling in my fingers anymore. This is the best pillow I have ever had!!

Posted By: Shelina
In 2017, I first tried a butterfly pillow at our local trade show. I LOVED it but didn't purchase, instead I took a chance on the bamboo pillow. My mother in law got the butterfly pillow. I spent ALL Year regretting NOT getting this pillow! A few months ago I borrowed her pillow and didn't want to give it back!!! Today I FINALLY got to go get my own pillow! I was such a ding dong to waste my time on a less comfortable pillow!!! There was no fading, no slumping in my mother in law's pillow. Functioned as well as my new pillow after constant use!!! Now I'm pretty sure in a couple of weeks my husband d will be the jealous one! We won't wait this long for him though and will be ordering his soon!

Posted By: Dina
Hi. This is the only pillow I have ever used that has stopped shoulder pain and numbness for me. I also don't suffer from a stiff neck anymore. I have Fibromyalgia and rotator cuff injuries and was in constant pain at night. I am now pain free when I lay down to sleep and when I wake up in the morning I am no longer stiff and sore. Thank you My Butterfly Pillow.