Side Sleeper Pillow Returns

Side Sleeper Girl


Before You Give Up On Your New Pillow...Try This

To make sure the issue is not your mattress (due to a wallowed out area), try your pillow at the foot of your bed. If it feels good down there, it may be time to flip/turn your mattress.

Make sure you do not have the pillow jammed against the headboard of the bed. If it is, then the pillow is not able to move in that direction and can cause it to feel hard or too high.

Our Simple Return Policy & Return Instructions

Please Note: The shipping cost of a returned pillow is responsibility of the purchaser.

Ok, so you slept with us and you are just not feeling the love from your new pillow and want to return it. Of course we hate to see you go, but we want you to be happy.

Our return process is pretty simple. Fill out the form on the bottom of page and submit it to us. Next, box up your pillow and ship it back to us at the address below.

Return Shipping Limited Liability:
My Butterfly Pillow PorkChop Enterprises LLC is not responsible for products that are damaged or lost in transit which have been shipped from you to our company location.

It is strongly recommended that when you ship, you use a shipping method that provides you with a tracking number. We are not responsible for locating a shipment which did not make it to our location.

Note: Once we refund your card, your bank will then process and post your refund. Banks differ in the time they take to post refunds. If you have a question about the speed of your refund, please contact your bank or the issuer of your credit card.

Ship Pillow To:
PorkChop Enterprises
475 East Main Street
Suite 301
Cartersville, GA 30121