My Butterfly Pillow is going on a road trip to Nashville, to be a part of the American Academy of Audiology Conference, April 18-21. We are very excited to be a part of this event, in the hopes that we can bring relief to tinnitus sufferers.

My Butterfly Pillow was created by a side-sleeper to make himself more comfortable at night. But his wife Kimberly, who is also a side-sleeper, has suffered from partial deafness and tinnitus for many years. Our inventor, Jim, added the built-in Night Owl Speakers to help her block out the buzzing at night, and provide a better night’s rest. That’s love, people!

The ability to listen to music or white noise while falling asleep allows someone suffering from tinnitus to find a measure of relief in an otherwise quiet room. Kimberly just chooses her sound on her phone or tablet, and it plays through the pillow while she is lulled to sleep.

If you suffer from tinnitus, or feel you would benefit from sound therapy at bedtime, talk to your audiologist about My Butterfly Pillow.