Side Sleeper Pillow & Tinnitus Masking & Pillow with ear hole
Sleep without destroying your eyelash extensions

Our "Ear Pillow" is a major component of My Butterfly Pillow. The Ear Pillow is a pillow within the pillow and is softer than the main body. The Ear Pillow is cut into cubes so your ear does not take a single point of pressure during the night.

The design of our Ear Pillow also allows the sound from the embedded speakers to easily come through loud and clear.

Because the Ear Pillow is cut into cubes, the cubes are always moving. This constant moving will eventually make the Ear Pillow softer and softer.

One day (usually it takes about 18 months of usage) you will decide that the Ear Pillow has become too soft. When that day comes, simply contact us and let us know you need a new Ear Pillow (or purple thing), and we will send you a replacement Free of Charge!

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