general questions

  • Have you thought about going on the show Shark Tank? (#1 question actually)
  • Will My Butterfly Pillow help with my partners snoring?
  • Can I use a regular pillow case on My Butterfly Pillow?
  • Can I put the pillow in the washer?
  • I sleep on my stomach; can I use My Butterfly Pillow?
  • Does it matter which side I sleep on?
  • How long will the pillow last?
After people get a chance to experience My Butterfly Pillow, the first thing they say is "You have to get this on Shark Tank!" Well we did go to the Atlanta audition back in April 2018. The process was fun, and we learned so much. They were looking for more of a "Good TV" story (i.e. We sold everything we own, the farm is gone, someone stole our only car, and we have not eaten in seven months, but we are determined to get this product to the masses), rather than a unique product. We will post our Shark Tank adventures on the website very soon.
Our in-house studies have shown that snoring is diminished considerably, but not completely. The sleeper may continue to snore based on their body position. If the sleeper has turned slightly toward their back, then the possibility of a "muffled" snore increases.
No. The pillow is designed around movement. When you put your head on the pillow it will react in multiple directions. If you put the pillow in a regular cover the movement is restricted, and the pillow cannot react causing what we call a "Brick". Therefore, every My Butterfly Pillow comes with its own pre-washed pillow case, ready to be slept on. Additional pillow covers can be purchased through the site.
No, not the pillow. The cover yes, which is a jersey-cotton, can be washed in the washer. The body of the pillow is Memory Foam and if it needs to be cleaned, you can use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner to gently remove any spots.
My Butterfly Pillow was designed for true Side Sleepers to keep neck and back aligned. However, some stomach sleepers have found that removing the riser makes for a comfortable night's sleep. Our Marketing Director is a stomach sleeper and uses hers this way.
No, that's the beauty of My Butterfly Pillow. It is designed to allow a sleeper to change sides without the need to re-adjust the pillow. When you change sides all you need to do is go back to sleep! It does not get any easier than that!
We have tested My Butterfly Pillows for over three years without any issues. However, we strongly suggest that after around two years, it is more than likely time to invest in a new pillow.