What makes your pillow so great?
First, let us talk about those pillows on the market which claim to be for side sleepers…we will do it by the numbers.




If a pillow is a standard shaped pillow, it cannot work for us as side sleepers. Everything about this type of pillow is just wrong for the way we sleep.
If they claim they are for side sleepers, then the foam within the pillow has been designed to clump. The problem is when you move, you have to Re-clump the pillow to get comfortable and this could take several minutes. Once Re-clumped, your head and neck may be 2 degrees up, or 3 degrees down…you never get back to the same elevation.
90% of pillows on the market have no return policy. We have an unconditional and simple return policy on our products.

Now let us talk about what makes us different. If you have not viewed the “Tour” button you should do so as it will give you a quick view of our pillow.

We have several features that make us unique, but the main purpose of our pillow is to put you back to the same position each and every night. By doing this we relieve the stress on your back and neck muscles.

When you sleep with our pillow and roll over during the night, there is nothing to readjust…you readjust you (not the pillow) and go right back to sleep.

How do you adjust the height?

Should you feel that My Butterfly Pillow feels high, or if you just like a flatter pillow, you can easily adjust the height by removing the Riser from the bottom of the pillow.

Our Riser provides the pillow with 1.25 inches of additional height to help offset the deflection when the sleeper puts their head on the pillow.

Our Riser is attached to the bottom of the pillow with Velcro strips. The removal process can be found in our “Video” section. Just remember…this is foam…be gentle.

Why is it called "Butterfly"?


When you look at the pillow, you’ll see the sides around the shoulder bay look a little like wings. Wings are how we refer to them in the office and in R&D. Hence, My Butterfly Pillow®.

Can I use a regular pillow cover on my pillow?

The pillow is designed around movement. When you put your head on the pillow it will react in multiple directions. If you put the pillow in a regular cover the movement is restricted and the pillow cannot react causing what we call a “Brick”. This is why every My Butterfly Pillow® comes with it’s own pre-washed pillow case, ready to be slept on. Additional pillow covers can be purchased through the site.

Can I put the pillow in the washer?
The cover, which is a jersey-cotton can be washed in the washer. The body of the pillow is Memory Foam and if it needs to be cleaned, you can use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner to gently remove any spots.
I sleep on my stomach, can I use your pillow?

My Butterfly Pillow® was designed for true Side Sleepers, to keep neck and back aligned. Stomach sleepers have found that removing the riser makes for a comfortable night’s sleep. Our Marketing Director is a stomach sleeper, and uses hers this way.

How long will the pillow last?

We have tested individual pillows for a little over three years without any issues. However is should be noted that after about a year and a half or two years, any pillow should be discarded.

This is due to all the use and makeup, hairspray, sweat, drool etc. that gets injected into the pillow…it just makes good hygienic sense to discard any pillow after a certain time.

Does it matter which side I sleep on?

No, that’s the beauty of My Butterfly Pillow®. It is designed to allow a sleeper to change sides without the need to re-adjust the pillow. When you change sides all you need to do is…just go back to sleep…does not get easier than that!

Will my face sink into the pillow?

My Butterfly Pillow® is designed to have the memory foam fully support your head. This will restrict how deep your head/face will “sink” in the pillow.

Does My Butterfly Pillow® help with Acid Reflux?

Reflux sufferers sleep best in a slightly elevated position. However, studies have shown that sleeping on the left side can be just as effective (though the right side will exacerbate the problem).