So, you have a pillow that you love. You have had it for years and it is broken in and is really comfortable…unfortunately, that pillow is not doing your back and neck any favors.

When we (as side sleepers) lie on a pillow, our head sinks down about 1.5 inches. This angle puts stress on the muscles of the neck and spine.

If you are one of the many who suffer from “Neck Pain” upon waking, there is a good chance your pillow is to blame.

Now, the question you have…”How does My Butterfly Pillow help to solve these issues?”

Glad you asked! My Butterfly Pillow has been designed first to calculate for the 1.5 inches of deflection. We do this by adding 1.5 inches to the height of the pillow to compensate for this deflection.

Now when you lie on My Butterfly Pillow your head is as close to a parallel state as we can get you (without knowing your bed type, shoulder width etc.).

The key here…we put you back to this same position each and every night. You are not up 2 degrees one night and down 1 degree the next night from stacking or wadding up your pillow.

A Sample Of User Comments About Neck Pain

I used to wake up daily with a tense neck, it would be so tight that throughout the day I would develop headaches. I was constantly popping my neck to release the pressure.

After three days of using MY BUTTERFLY PILLOW® I woke up with less tension every morning. I am no longer cracking my neck to relieve the headaches since they are non existent! I sleep through the night without the struggle of readjusting myself and losing sleep.

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