This Is Why You Ache
(We Call It Pillow Origami)
Have you ever wondered why your neck and back hurt so much after you get up in the morning?

The answer is amazingly simple. You are sleeping on your side, and your head is higher off the bed than any other type of sleeper.

With your head higher off the bed, you will wad your pillow up, stack pillows or even use your hand as a pillow jack. All you are trying to do is compensate for the lack of support to your head.

You may think you are in a good position but as soon as you move, you start the pillow Origami all over again.

You will never (and we mean never) get back to the same spot using a conventional pillow. Tonight, you may be up three degrees in angle, and when you readjust, you may be 2 degrees down...and tomorrow night you are doing no better.

Chiropractors recommend My Butterfly Pillow to thier patients because My Butterfly Pillow puts you back to virutally the same position night after night. The design of My Butterfly Pillow provides your head and neck with all the support, giving you one of the best night's sleep you have had in many years.
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My Butterfly Chiro Pillow

My Butterfly Chiro Pillow

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