It’s Monday. Nobody really likes Mondays very much, and one way to set the week off to a bad start is with pain caused by an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

The Better Sleep Council indicates that 47% of Americans sleep in the fetal position – a soothing position for humans from the moment of conception. Yet however comfortable your bed may be, it isn’t a womb.

Sore neck, stiff joints, lower back pain, tingling numbness in arms or hands… these are just a few things that can happen while you are supposed to be at your most rested.

My Butterfly Pillow is created to support the neck, keep it in alignment with the spine, relieve pressure from the shoulder, and allow circulation to continue in arms and hands.

My Butterfly Pillow was designed by a side-sleeper who dealt with many of these problems, and more! He’d pop ibuprofen like Tic Tacs, and hope for the best, like too many people do. Finally, in frustration, he threw some foam together and carved it up with an electric carving knife until he had the Frankenstein version of what is now My Butterfly Pillow.

The Franken-journey brought us here, to where we can offer the same relief to other side-sleepers.

Order today, receive by mid-week, and start next week off right!