Taking direct input from our customers we have now made the Best Side Sleeper Pillow even better.

Some MBP user have expressed that the pillow feels just a little to high once they get it on their bed.

Since we are unable to calculate the Indention Force Deflection (IDF) of each users mattress, which is nothing more that a fancy way of saying how much we sink into the mattress ­čÖé we have designed the next version of My Butterfly Pillow with a removable “Riser”.

So, what does this actually mean? When you get your new pillow home, and you have slept on it for a few nights and you feel that the pillow is just a little too high for your liking, you can now remove the “Riser” from the bottom of the pillow which will reduce the height.

We are still in the testing phase of this release method, and will post more on our blog as we progress.

Side Sleeper Pillow