Have you looked at Facebook lately? It seems everyone waited till Mother’s Day to make their pregnancy announcements!

Becoming a mom is an amazing experience, whether it’s your first or your fourth! Amazing, but uncomfortable. Your body takes on new shapes, new muscles, new feelings…new aches. All in an effort to turn the tiny seed inside you into a healthy baby.

You may have always slept on your back or your stomach, but now that’s not an option. Sleeping on your stomach is a complete impossibility as the baby grows, and sleeping on your back will leave you short of breath and suffering from reflux, as well as create a host of potentially dangerous circulatory issues.

Expectant mothers are encouraged to sleep on their left sides, in order to promote blood flow to the placenta. It is considered the safest sleep position for pregnant women, because all the weight of the uterus is taken off the digestive system and major blood vessels, keeping mom and baby healthy.

My Butterfly Pillow is designed for side-sleepers, and we’ve heard great feedback from expectant moms. There are great meditative programs for women to help them prepare for the big event, such as HypnoBabies and HypnoBirthing. These programs use guided meditations to relax the mind and body in preparation for a smoother delivery. The fact that My Butterfly Pillow has a built-in speaker system means mom can listen as she rests or settles into bed for the night, in a comfortable, healthy position.

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