According to a Forbes Magazine article from 2010, less than 50% of Americans report getting solid sleep on the regular. And in the United States, there are over 2,000 sleep labs generating over $6 billion per year. Staggering numbers!

According to a Marketdata 2018 study, the sleep industry as a whole (labs, pharmaceuticals, mattresses, pillows, devices, etc) is over $28 billion. TWENDY-EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS!

Ancient Egyptian Stone Pillow

Yet all of these labs and all of these dollars have achieved very little except to tell you to turn off your TV at night to avoid blue light disruption. Or to take a pill that causes your body to achieve a sort of sleep, though not healthy natural sleep. And with all this money flying around, you are still being sold the same, rectangular pillow that hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years.

A little history for you… ancient pillows were made of wood or stone in a smooth curve that elevated the head. We were all back sleepers, apparently. It was the Romans who decided they wanted soft and fluffy, and who could blame them? So really, the pillow as we know it has been around since before the fall of Rome. In fact, the most revolutionary addition to the mass-market in the last century has been the u-shaped travel pillow! How have more people not become as frustrated as we did?

All of this tells us that sleep labs and pharmaceuticals are about self-propagating business, not quality sleep. Say NO to mass marketing. You are not just a number. You are a human being with your own quirks and your own sense of comfort.