We are a funny little American family, with a bit of a strange dynamic, way too many cats, a couple of dogs, and a really amazing side-sleeper pillow.

So who are we?

Jim is the heart behind the operation. We sometimes call him the Nutty Professor, while he tinkers in his garage or at the workshop. Jim proudly served in the United States Army from 1979-1984, first in the 2nd/75th Ranger Battalion, and then the 4th/23rd Infantry. He really never returned to civilian life, going straight from the military to law enforcement. He’s no stranger to a bad night’s sleep, and three years ago he cobbled together the first prototype of My Butterfly Pillow out of random bits of foam, in his North Georgia garage. When Jim finally got the pillow to where he wanted it, he thought “I’m not the only one. Other people need this pillow too!”

Enter his wife Kimberly. With nearly three decades of corporate sales experience all over the world – from Texas to Dubai and points beyond – she began testing the murky waters of sleep comfort. It was Kimberly who began running numbers, and discovered that 63% of Americans sleep on their sides, most of them on the wrong type of pillow. She threw every bit of her fantastic mind for sales behind her husband’s dream, and took us from the garage, to the family games room upstairs, and eventually to our own production facility.

Recently Kimberly drew in her niece Emily, a United States Air Force veteran who served in Okinawa with 18th OSS. When Emily came home from overseas, she immediately had a job as…well, she didn’t have a title then. Emily is the backbone. She does, as she puts it, All of the Things. Social media, manufacture and assembly, shipping, and administration.

And me? Well, I’m actually Canadian. I took a wrong turn at Montreal, and wound up at my best friend Kimberly’s house in Georgia, living with her and her husband in late 2016. They introduced me to My Butterfly Pillow, and the rest – as they say – is history.