An amazing 63% of the American population sleeps on their side every night. Some favor their left or right, others flip back and forth. Most simply go to bed without a thought for the health benefits* they are gaining for themselves.

Hopefully this information will help you sleep a little more peacefully, knowing you’re doing your body some good!

1. Increased airflow. Ask anyone who sleeps with a snorer how helpful it is to roll them over onto their sides. It may not completely eliminate the most extreme cases, but sidesleeping does increase airflow into the throat, reducing the vibrational sounds that the exhausted sleep partner must endure. For snoring, back sleeping is the worst, and sidesleeping is best.

2. Better digestion. You know those crazy diet claims that say you can lose weight while you sleep? Well, there’s a margin of truth. Your body breaks down food into waste throughout the night, redistributing calories where they are needed, and storing the ones that it will use later. Sleeping on your left side allow the pancreas and stomach to “hang” freely, giving them unrestricted space to work. Similarly, there is a decrease in heartburn, because digestion is moving happily without a buildup or escape of stomach acids.

3. Improved circulation. This is the super-secret trick of pregnant women: sleeping on their left sides improves circulation throughout the body, especially the uterus. This is something we can all benefit from. Remember what I said about digestion? It requires good circulation. So does waking up without tingling hands or arms. Our heart is on the left, and sleeping on that side allows the blood to flow freely.

* My Butterfly Pillow makes NO MEDICAL CLAIMS. Talk to your doctor about issues like obstructive sleep apnea, recurring indigestion, healthy pregnancy, poor circulation, etc. We’re here to help. We are not a magic cure. Allow My Butterfly Pillow sidesleeper pillow to assist where we can, so that you get the best, healthiest night’s sleep possible.