My Butterfly Pillow®

Built For Side-Sleepers By True Side-Sleepers

Side-Sleepers are 63% of the population, but we are marketed the same rectangular pillow used by back and stomach sleepers. One size cannot fit all! That’s why we created a unique pillow just for us, and our needs. Side-Sleepers of the world, unite!

“Yes, you do deserve this pillow!”

My Butterfly Pillow® Can Help With Tinnitus

Tinnitus. That incessant humming/ringing/buzzing in your ears, even when surrounded by total silence. Audiologists recommend using white noise machines or audio apps at bedtime to help reduce the buzz. The built-in Night Owl speakers in My Butterfly Pillow® can help sufferers get a better night’s sleep. And the best part? You will not disturb your sleeping partner! No more loud sound machines or leaving the television on all night, just to get some sleep. If you suffer from tinnitus, why not give My Butterfly Pillow® a try? Our 30-day comfort guarantee makes it worth your while.

Audiology professionals, click here to learn about our brochure program. This program will provide your practice the ability to distribute My Butterfly Pillow to your patients.


Stream Your Favorite Sound App Directly Through My Butterfly Pillow®

Now you have control of what you want to listen to. The Bluetooth speakers built in My Butterfly Pillow® lets you pair any smart device directly to the pillow. You can listen to television, books, or white-noise. Tinnitus sufferers can stream an Audiologist prescribed sound app.

And the best part…you will not disturb your sleeping partner. No more loud sound machines, or leaving the television on all night just to have a distracting sound in the background.

Q: So why would you want speakers in your pillow?

A: Our number one answer is for a condition called “Tinnitus”. Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ears. Sufferers of Tinnitus state that nighttime is the hardest time as they have no background noise for distraction, and getting to sleep is almost impossible. My Butterfly Pillow provides Tinnitus sufferers with the ability to stream sounds directly through the pillow to provide “Sound Masking” or “Sound Distraction”.

Our second answer, is to provide a way for side sleepers to listen to music, books, white-noise or even television without disturbing your sleeping partner. The speakers are designed in such a way that the person right next to you will never hear what you are playing through My Butterfly Pillow.

Veterans, did you know that you may be eligible to receive My Butterfly Pillow® directly through the VA? Talk to your VA doctor, chiropractor, or audiologist today!

My Butterfly Pillow® Is Proudly Made In America!