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Side Sleeper Pillow & Tinnitus Masking & Pillow with ear hole

A "Smarter Pillow" For True Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, your head is higher off the bed than someone who sleeps on their back or stomach. When your head finally impacts a regular pillow, the pillow deflects about 1.25 inches. So why are regular shaped pillows marketed to us as a Side Sleeper Pillow?

The starting height of your head and the deflection of the pillow puts your head at a downward angle, creating a strain on your neck and spine. To compensate for this deflection, we start doing all kinds of strange things to get our head back to alignment. We wad the pillow up, we stack pillows and we even use our hands or arms attempting to get the lost elevation back.

Our approach to this issue is "Jacking" My Butterfly Pillow up 1.25 inches. This is accomplished with what we call a "Riser" which is attached (and removable) on the bottom of the pillow. The Riser is also cut in the shape of the letter "A" on the bottom of the pillow. This cut gives you a place to naturally fold your arm under the pillow without cutting off your circulation.

Now when you lie down on My Butterfly Pillow, you start with your head 1.25 inches higher. When the deflection of the pillow happens, your neck and spine will automatically be in a parallel position, thus creating the correct alignment.

This position will take an incredible amount of stress off your neck and spine.

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Listen To Music, Books, White Noise & Yes, Even Television!

Side Sleeper Pillow With Bluetooth

As a true Side Sleeper armed with My Butterfly Pillow, you have full control of what you want to listen to when you go to bed.

You know that as a side sleeper it is just about impossible to sleep with earbuds or headphones on. The Bluetooth speakers, built into My Butterfly Pillow®, let Side Sleepers pair any smart device directly to the pillow. Now you can listen to television, books, white-noise or just plain old music! The speakers are designed in such a way that the person right next to you will never hear what you are playing through My Butterfly Pillow.

Q: So, why would you want speakers in your side sleeper pillow?

Answer: Aside from the fact that side sleepers cannot comfortably wear earbuds or headphones to bed, our number one answer is a hearing condition called Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ears. Sufferers of Tinnitus state that nighttime is the hardest time as they have no background noise for distraction and getting to sleep is extremely difficult. My Butterfly Pillow provides Tinnitus sufferers with the ability to stream sounds directly through the pillow to provide "Sound Masking" or "Sound Distraction". Gone are the days of leaving the television on or running loud fans just to have a distracting sound in the background.

Better news! If you have an audiologist prescribed frequency app, you can easily stream that through My Butterfly Pillow!

My Butterfly Pillow
Is Now Approved By The Veterans Administration
Side Sleepers Veterans
(My Butterfly Pillow is a Veteran Owned Company)

Ask your VA doctor about prescribing My Butterfly Pillow for you!

Tinnitus is the number one disability among Veterans and it affects at least one in every ten American adults. Veterans have higher rates of tinnitus than the general public due to the noise levels they encounter while in the service including gunfire, machinery, aircrafts, and much more. Over 150,000 veterans were diagnosed with tinnitus in 2015 and nearly 1.5 million veterans are currently receiving disability benefits for it.

My Butterfly Pillow provides those suffering with Tinnitus, veterans and non-veterans alike, a solution to help mask tinnitus and make it less noticeable. Since tinnitus is usually more bothersome in quiet surroundings, competing sounds like white noise may help mask the sounds associated with Tinnitus and help the user get to sleep.

Side Sleeper Pillow and Chiropractors

Side Sleeper Pillow with Tinnitus Pillow with ear hole

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